Elaborate M

The company has been established in 2014
and trading computer services and
specialized an Innovated technology platform

Product : Innovative Solution Provider

  • Biometric Access and Workforce Management Smart SolutionFingerprint

  • Face Recognition

  • RFID Card

  • QR Reader

  • Clouded based controller

  • Cloud based Management

  • Time Attendance, Scheduling, Leave, VMS, and Patrol Management

  • i-Neighbour Property Management

  • Smart Automation Control SystemVideo and Audio Systems

  • Control Hardware& Software

  • Control Surface

  • Interconnects, Interfaces & infrastructure

  • Lighting and Environment Systems

  • Conference & Interpretation Systems

  • Workspace Solutions

  • Smart Rooms, Smart Classroom & Smart Building

  • Support Upport Product

  • PC Laptop Workstation

  • PC Laptop Workstation

  • Offuce Suite

  • Anti Virus

Elaborate M

Elaborate M is focusing on IT system Software and Hardware to fit with the customer requirement and new solution